Discussioni sulle tecniche d'allenamento e gli esercizi per aumentare la massa muscolare.
By Veiveismart
#26031 The second reason is that the skill that is being RS gold developed is built on the gameplay mechanic of ThirdScape, a deleted micro-transactional MMO. That means whatever it is, the skill must be well-suited to the gameplay dynamics behind the entire MMO. Evidence (RSOFQF13-14-746-60289341. Mod MechScape Q&A. Question from The39th Guy + MechScape Post #33. + statements such as this one)

Mod MMG: I was just saying this about Thirdscape. "We are actually creating a brand new game mechanic." I'm not sure about it, but it might be a complete game or just a skill or both. It's free for members. That should be next year I hope. It's going to be incredible, however. I'm not going to share cheap OSRS gold it with anyone because it's really exciting and nobody has ever done it so we're kind of keeping that one close to the chest.